what’s poppin’? july

The monthly series where we pick out a handful of fun gigs and such happening around the sound. Mostly in Malmö and Lund, but also in Copenhagen and maybe even further? That is if we think that it’s something worth giving a mention. Did we miss anything? TELL US!

Festival season, which means less all-star gigs. A lot of places also sort of close during the summer? Idk, there are however always gems to be found in and/or around Malmö city, baby! Will update the list if I find anything else :). Also – currently trying to salvage what I tried to do with the “new music round up” series, be on the lookout! YEAH! 

what’s poppin?


cumgirl 8 / mojo pin (PLAN B) art collective making experimental rock music or electronic music or something, can’t really get a grasp on it – but that’s probably the point! also, sweden’s no. 1 grunge rockers


Golvad Grävling / Söder om Söder (ANNELUNDSGÅRDEN) punkigt värre! skånes number one eklektiska punkband GG spelar med malmö punkrockarna SOS, kommer förmodligen vara väldigt ösigt, och kommer förmodligen vara väldigt bra. är också tydligen väldigt gratis också, en bättre kväll går knappt att önska. heja heja :). om något är väl det här månadens SUPER REKOMMENDATION

Drag Queen Bingo (PLAN B) slakta drottning


Dina Ögon (ANNELUNDSGÅRDEN) jag tycker inte om det här bandet, men många andra verkar göra det. kan väl vara trevligt. lugn indie musik typ nästan mer jazz, jag tycker inte om jazz, men du kanske gör det. asså det låter ju trevligt men vetefan asså.

Club 2000s Pride Party (PLAN B) B2B DJ-set with CLUB2000 and Just Like Heaven


Ceremoni (GRAND) svensk indierockpop med fina melodier och sånt du vet. jobbig mix på platta men övertygar kanske mer live! stabila låtar!


Echo Ladies / Monoton tid (PLAN B) swedish shoegaze and malmöian minimalwave. could be dreamy, could be noisy, could be sick!


South Ocean Festival (SIBBARP MALMÖ) a sort of expensive festival in malmö with a lackluster line-up, but with a few exceptions: PHOENIX the best french indiepop band – maybe the best indiepop band? all bangers, except maybe the songs they’ll play from that one record. but yeah this is one of my favourite bands ever and they put on a hell of a liveshow, it’s a damn spectacle. this day familjen is also playing, could fuck.


South Ocean Festival (SIBBARP MALMÖ) the next day contains the likes of: les big byrd, the cardigans, and the wannadies. all swedish indie-ish rockbands past their prime. could be a snoozefest if not for the viagra boys punks who most likely will rock sox idk I’ve just heard that they’re crazy live – could be a good time no? also svart ridå, which might be the freshest booking. they have that dark indierock vibe, almost shoegazy at times.


Rundgång 20 år (PLAN B) rundgång fyller 20 år och har fest på plan b, vet inte riktigt vad det betyder men födelsedagskalas är alltid höjdpunkter i ens tillvaro. 

Bob Frank & The Lemon Curds (GRAND) ep release party for this malmöian psychrock crew


The Spits (PLAN B) oldschool punks playing oldschool punk, songs max out at 100 seconds that sorta deal ya know? 


CLUB just like heaven (GRAND) goth, indie och post punk bangers!


CLUB brat summer: crazy girl shit (GRAND)

Majorelle Blue (GRAND) malmöian dreamy indierockpop

ok that wasn’t a whole lot so here’s a bonus

this is a section I’m calling “I’m not going to Roskilde 2024 but if you are, this is what you should check out”

festivals are expensive and I currently am not in possession of monetary funds. if someone who is going reads this, please heed my advice. go see charli xcx, do not miss charli xcx. charli xcx charli xcx charli xcx. I’ve already crowned one indiepop band as the best in this post but I’m going to do it again – alvvays do absolutely amazing stuff, often shoegazy indiepop music. LOVE THEM. belle and sebastian also play, also the best indiepop band. also, one of my favourite bands ever ANGEL DUST rock out on thursday. they do FUN hardcore, which like even if you don’t like hardcore (but you like indierock stuff or you’re just a music luvr) you will like this. it gets rowdy. the best. uh otoboke beaver plays fast-paced punk. it’s extremely impressive and I don’t particularly fancy their music, it’s just mind-blowing stuff. yeah, I mean there’s more stuff that just doesn’t really tickle my fancy. mainly go see angel dust because they’re great. like really good. but that’s about it from “I’m not going to Roskilde 2024 but if you are, this is what you should check out”, be sure to come back next month for what I might call “I’m not going to Way Out West 2024 but if you are, this is what you should check out”.






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