what’s poppin’? april

The monthly series where we pick out a handful of fun gigs and such happening around the sound. Mostly in Malmö and Lund, but also in Copenhagen and maybe even further? That is if we think that it’s something worth giving a mention. Did we miss anything? TELL US! Will try and update the list both here and on socials!


Drag Queen Bingo (PLAN B)

Emma Håård (GRAND) indierockpop från malmö? “slide, stämmor, och syntbas”, kan vara trevligt? bra malmö-vibe på det hela om inte annat!!!


Carlos Atlantis / TUVA (GRAND) malmöitisk svensk-indierock och alternativpop

Widowspeak / Laena Myers (MEJERIET LUND) dreamy indierock and countryish indierock, both from the US, could be a – p l e a s a n t – time

Gallus / Poetry / Writhe (BASEMENT COPENHAGEN) indiepunk? indierock? fart och fläkt i storstan


Raketklubben / Isobel (GRAND) svensk-indierock, mycket poppig o väldigt svenskt om du fattar? och “windmill-indie, sovrumspop och indiecountry”. kan vara trevligt!

Nodus File / Eyes Closed (CAFE ARIMAN LUND) malmöitisk postrock (?) och lund emo (!), could be a #certifiedgoodtime (!?)


The Jesus and Mary Chain (PLAN B) sold out! gothindie legends


Boys and Ivy / Kingdom Days (GRAND) mycket trevligt indiepopduo som funkar extra bra i livekontext! och altrock!

Millencolin / No Fun At All / Satanic Surfers (MEJERIET LUND) sold out. semi-old men play skatepunk


Shout Out Louds (PLAN B) sold out! swedish indiepop greats

CLUB We Die Young (PLAN B) afterparty to shout out louds!!


Electric Eel Shock / Statue of Goat (MEDLEY) japaneese garagemetalpunk (?) and malmöian skatepunk, could be straight baller


Yard Act / Murkage Dave (LOPPEN COPENHAGEN) uk indierock (postpunky) and altpop (?)

Pearl Charles (MEJERIET LUND) funky indiepop from the states, could be a #funkygoodtime


Baula / Tårkalas (GRAND) noisy indierock kinda? slowcore/shoegaze vibes, foggy music ya know? tårkalas låter mycket spännande, typ indieemo?!? kan vara dunder? måste typ kolla? verkar som precis min grej? kan bli – kalas. 


The Good, The Bad & The Zugly / Oslo ESS (PLAN B) norwegian rockers unite


Väster-ut / IGÅR (GRAND) svensk indierockochpop som låter lite sådär trevligt typ?

CLUB We Die Young (PLAN B) indiesleaze club!?! :00000000000 :3


Kindsight / Junodenar (GRAND) dreamy danish indierock (saw them open for snail mail, they fuck) and swedish indierock that could be a pleasant timeeeee ye?


Dogsmile / Anna Öberg (MEDLEY) indiepostpunk a la gothenburg and scanian althsynthpop (?) 






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