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The monthly series where we pick out a handful of fun gigs and such happening around the sound. Mostly in Malmö and Lund, but also in Copenhagen and maybe even further? That is if we think that it’s something worth giving a mention. Did we miss anything? TELL US!

It’s already May? damn. To ease up the agonizing anxiousness that comes with the passing of time comes a STACKED lineup of stuff happening around the sound. It’s a good month to live in Malmö, folks. 


Oclar / Allt Annat / Kajanus / Dva Disa (GRAND) A swedish indienight. Bunch of underground artists who all make pleasant-enough indie music.


Emergenza final (PLAN B) Contest for up-and-coming bands. Idk. Might be fun? At least one band has to be alright, right? Idk. Line-up: Fearadox, Grooveköket, In Progress, Redcode, Sunny Saturdays, The Neighbours, Throne of Roaches, and Valvet.

PALEHOUND / EMMER / LANDO HEKT (MEJERIET LUND) indierockpop night. Wonderful indierock that rocks ur sox. Very much looking forward towards seeing palehound. And on top of that Emmer? An elite Swedish indierock experience? They’re in good company, because Lande Hekt sounds almost equally as pleasant. 

Cancer Bats (PUMPEHUSET COPENHAGEN) Skate punk dudes will rip ya a new one.


Abu Nein / Aux Animaux / Ras Bolding (PLAN B) Goth, synth, postpunk, darkwave, goth… you get it. Could be a not very fun time but that’s probably the point. Could be cool though idk? 

Gunther (PLAN B) Probably the furthest thing from the other acts playing plan b the same night. Worldwide pop hit maker, icon. Idk. It’s probably going to be a fun time whether you like the music or not. 

Marching Band / Melody Fields (GRAND) folksy indiepop and psychedelic sounds. 

Kasino (BABEL) Trevlig romantisk indie från Göteborg. Låg intensitet. Hög trevlighet.


Filmbar (GRAND)  Massa kortfilmer. Kan vara mysigt!


Skymundan (MÄSSINGSHORNET) Experimental, jangly, artsy, shoegazy-ish indiestuff. 


Adrienne Lenker (ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF MUSIC COPENHAGEN) SOLD OUT :,( got no tickets, mega sad. sick af tho. one of the greatest songwriters out there. 


Dungen / Jo Yonderly (PLAN B) Swedish psych-indierock greats. They’re really good live. That shit hits. Got some bops. Jo Y seems similar music wise, more emphasis on the psych and making weird but cool sounds. 


Dipper / Bottom of the Bottom (PLAN B) rock and roll crew. 

Nasty Cut Fest (COPENHAGEN UNDERWERKET, VALBY KULTURHUS) SICK DIY FESTIVAL. FRIDAY LINEUP: Big Mess (bestial pop), cheerbleederz (indie punk, [milo loves]), Chloe Hawes and the Holy Claws (punk americana), Dungeon Days (punk rock), Fabled Mind (skate punk), Lochy i Smoki (punk/emo), Mundane (emo [MILO LOVES]), and – I Love Your Lifestyle (emo), which is Swedens best emo band, one could argue the worlds best emo band. But I’d probably say that they’re the world’s best band. An obvious SUPER RECOMMEND.


Nasty Cut Fest (COPENHAGEN UNDERWERKET, VALBY KULTURHUS) SICK DIY FESTIVAL. SATURDAY LINEUP: Arms & Hearts (folk punk), Between Bodies (emo punk), CF98 (pop punk), Imperial Shark (garage/punk), Nexø (punk), Phantom Bay (hardcore), Tripsun (emo punk[MILO LOVES, SAW EM OPEN FOR PRINCE DADDY AND ORIGAMI ANGEL THEY’RE SICK AF]), and Viva Belgrado (punk/screamo). Needless to say I’m attending each and every minute of this festival, say hi. I look exactly like my little icon on the site. So, do 50% of people my age. 

CLUB This charming Club (GRAND) indie och sånt! kul!

Wonderfun / Del III (GRAND) ett popband och ett svenskt indiepunkband.


Nasty Cut Fest (COPENHAGEN UNDERWERKET, VALBY KULTURHUS) SICK DIY FESTIVAL. SUNDAY LINEUP: fight me irl. (punk/emo [SICK AF]), flinch. (alt/emo), Making Friends (skate punk), Miller (pop punk), Molly (punk), Pkew Pkew Pkew (punk [MILO LOVE LOVES, SICK AF]), Shrugs (indie), and Tired Radio (bummer punk). Yep, a stacked line-up. 


Allegra Krieger / Agnes Mai (MEJERIET LUND) a FREE gig at mejeriet with Allegra Krieger – super pleasant indie singer/songwriter from the US with support from Agnes Mai, who also sounds like a wonderful time. You’ll probably look like this throughout the entire gig – :^).


MELÉN (COWGIRL GALLERY) Pleasant indiejazzpop in a cozy environment. 

FLORRY (IDEAL BAR COPENHAGEN) Indierock with a country twang. Love em’. Here they’ll play as a duo.  


Faye Webster (VEGA COPENHAGEN) Melancholic indierock star. My ex is going to be there. I won’t. Tell her hi if you see her. 


Negative Approach (PLAN B) Detroit hardcore punk.

Lime Garden (PLAN B) Artsy & funky indiepop outfit from the UK. 


VÄSTERBRON / GULA BLEND (PLAN B) Sveriges bästa emo inderock band? Ja tack. Malmös bästa indierock band? JA TACK. lär bli ballt. SUPER RECOMMEND.

Mattias Alkberg (PLAN B) Svensk indiepop-pionjär. Kan va kul.

Mojo Pin (THE STREETS OF HELSINGBORG) Grunge indie outfit. They’re sick. They’re the best. Much love <3.




Private Function (PLAN B) australian punkrockers. they got an attitude.


Jeff Rosenstock / Walter etc. (VALBY KULTURHUS COPENHAGEN) SUPER RECOMMEND. The first time I saw Jeff Rosenstock was the first time I fell in love with music – a grumpy 14 y.o. at Bengans in Gothenburg. No single experience has made a greater impact on me than that gig. A living legend in the American DIY indierock and poppunk scene. The guy keeps pumping out bangers and 10/10 albums like there’s no tomorrow. No one does it like Jeff. Live, everything just clicks. It’s gonna get rowdy. Be there. Shit will change you. Walter etc. is also a good band, excited to see them! also, SOLD OUT?!






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